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BPO What is Business Process Outsourcing?

bpo accounting

It offers the advantage of shared language, culture, and legal framework, making communication and coordination easier. However, onshore outsourcing can be more expensive due to higher labor and operational costs in the home country, especially for those companies based in North America or Europe. Business process outsourcing originated as a cost-cutting solution in the 1960s and 70s, initially within national borders. The shift to global outsourcing occurred in the late 1980s when Eastman Kodak outsourced its IT systems, signaling the legitimacy of outsourcing as a business strategy. The 1990s saw the rise of Asia, particularly India, China, and the Philippines, as preferred BPO destinations due to cost advantages and skilled labor availability. Technological advancements in telecommunications and the internet allowed BPOs to expand their services globally, managing everything from accounting to human resources.

  1. We have 13 locations in purpose-built hubs across the Philippines, giving you the best performance and talent pool possible.
  2. Establishing clear communication protocols ensures the BPO provider understands the company’s needs and expectations.
  3. If you outsource, a communication plan should be used to ensure the most fluid communication possible.

Why Do Businesses Outsource Processes?

Strong governance helps ensure smooth operation of the outsourcing relationship and can help prevent and resolve potential issues. The relationship with a BPO provider is not a set-it-and-forget-it situation; it requires ongoing management and oversight. This management can be challenging, as it requires negotiating detailed contracts, clearly communicating expectations, conducting regular performance reviews, and resolving conflicts effectively. To overcome these obstacles, it’s essential to cultivate a foundation of trust, align on common objectives, and foster a culture of transparency and dialogue. Communication is a crucial factor in any outsourcing relationship, and it can become a challenge when dealing with teams across different geographical locations.

bpo accounting

Top trends in finance and accounting outsourcing

The breadth of a business’ BPO options depends on whether it contracts its operations within or outside the borders of its home country. BPO is deemed «offshore outsourcing» if the contract is sent to another country where there is political stability, lower labor costs, and/or tax savings. A U.S. company using an offshore BPO vendor in Singapore is one such example of offshore outsourcing. One of the most common challenges in implementing BPO financial accounting is communication and coordination between the company and the BPO provider.

bpo accounting

What financial and accounting roles can be outsourced?

RPA automates repetitive and rule-based tasks traditionally performed by humans. By deploying software bots programmed to replicate human actions, RPA simplifies processes, enabling human workers to focus on more complex tasks. This streamlining of workflows reduces errors and accelerates process execution.

When Should You Outsource?

Consider these eight best practices to help you maximize business outsourcing. We can help increase forecast accuracy and optimal financial / investment decisions while optimizing close cycle and reducing risk in financial reporting. You know, those times of the year when coffee becomes your best friend and the office practically turns..

What Is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and How Does It Work?

Unlock the full potential of outsourcing with ease and discover the perfect fit for your organization. Our comprehensive range of offshore roles can help streamline your operations and make outsourcing simple. As the largest managed operations offshoring provider in the Philippines, we’ve learned a lot. Reap the benefits of big-business infrastructure and proven best-practices without all the usual hassle and expenditure. Another disadvantage could be customer backlash against outsourcing if they perceive this to be of inferior quality or at the expense of domestic employment.

To combat this growing problem, the accounting industry has increasingly focused on its own data security in recent years. Procurement outsourcing, a subset of BPO, has become a key strategy for companies looking to optimize their procurement processes. Businesses are increasingly entrusting external partners with their procurement functions, allowing them to focus on core competencies and strategic initiatives. Organizations that opt for BPO identify operations and business processes that are not a core competency of their product or service, but essential nonetheless, and sub-contract them out to a third-party. Depending on the provider, employers may be able to outsource tasks piecemeal or as part of a comprehensive package. Organizations must determine which vendors offer the best outsourcing services at reasonable rates and turnaround times.

To stay clear of forensic accountants working for law enforcement or insurance companies, ensure that anyone working on accounting for your business has oversight from someone else. By establishing a system of accountability, you’ll help to nip any potential for insider fraud in the bud. With all accounting software and data hosted on the cloud, an accountant can access everything they need by simply typing their password in a browser anywhere in the world.

bpo accounting

Because we live in a 24/7-on world, the greatest customer satisfaction is often achieved with a constant presence to support them. Many small businesses do not have the time, resources or funds to support customers 24/7. In addition to the constant demand for customer support, many companies don’t have the talent to meet other customer needs, like multilingual support. If a hired BPO company becomes entangled in a public relations nightmare, the reputation of the companies that hire them may suffer by association. For example, if a BPO company relies on grossly underpaid labor, its clients’ reputations may suffer due to the benefits they received via immorally outsourced labor.

44% of retail and restaurant businesses, for example, planned to upgrade their restaurant point of sale systems in 2020. However, thanks to the rise of digital platforms such as Uber Eats, Square, and Shopify, businesses are outsourcing an increasing number of their business-critical functions. You should be looking to implement these practices cautiously – you won’t be able to automate an entire department overnight, and nor would you want to. Instead, use these tools to reduce the load on your existing staff, and allow them to focus on the most valuable tasks. From transformational accounting practices spearheaded by blockchain, to new ways of working in the wake of the pandemic, accountancy is going to see some serious upheaval in 2024 and beyond. Here at, though, we don’t just jump on buzzwords and trends – we’ve spoken to leading industry figures and conducted our own independent research, to find out exactly how companies are making changes.

Call centers are a type of outsourcing that’s limited to customer support, whereas BPO encompasses many professional services, such as human resources, payroll, benefits administration and more. The organization must choose the business functions best suited for outsourcing and consider the impact outsourcing will have on technology requirements and current processes. Organizations must evaluate how this new business accumulated deficit vs. retained earnings model affects the company, from processes and workflows to finances and taxes to company culture. Organizations base this decision on many factors, including company size and industry, market size and economic forces, and overall needs and goals. For example, startups or small businesses might decide to outsource any number of functions because they lack the in-house expertise or do not have the staff to do them.

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